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Sewing Classes

Crafty Critters

The Crafty Critters class is designed to give the student an opportunity to gain basic hand and machine sewing skills while creating such projects as stuffed and unstuffed toys, wall hangings, pillows, etc. Students will be offered a choice of project possibilities so that student abilities are consistent with the degree of difficulty. Students are responsible for their own equipment, fabric and notions.

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Email: christy.taylor@district6.org

Text Box: Sewing Tip:

No Slip Rulers
I use adhesive embroidery spray on the bottom of my plastic rulers as well as templates to keep them from sliding around during use. They are easy to clean. Wipe slightly with rubbing alcohol. Its a very fast and easy way of keeping those rulers where youd like them, and it improves

Summer Wear

This is a course for the beginning student to make some great summer fashions. Students may choose to make easy fitting shorts, tops, swimsuit cover-ups or pajamas using woven fabrics. Students are responsible for their own pattern, fabric and notions.