Here is the Problem Solving Strategy that we use on a regular basis in our classroom. The hope is that if our students continually use this process on story problems, the process will become second nature. Please encourage your students to use this process at home.

Read: Step #1
• Read the problem at least twice before you begin.
• Then, write down the important facts.
• Finally, identify what the problem is asking you to do. (Very Important).

Plan: Step #2
• Describe how you are going to solve the problem.
• What methods are you going to use (multiplication, addition, use a chart, draw some pictures, etc…).

Solve: Step #3
• This is where you actually solve the problem.
• You must show all the work.
• Don’t erase anything.
• Make sure you clearly identify the answer (perhaps circle it).


Look Back: Step #4
• This is where you check the reasonableness of your answer.
• Does it answer the problem you identified in the Read section.